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It is hard to believe the year is half over. What a six months it has been!

Our first article this month is a reminder about the many deductions you can claim against expenses related to your work that are sometimes forgetten about, but which you can’t afford to overlook in 2020.

This is followed by a discussion on three key features likely to impact on markets over the next few years: state intervention, fiscal activism and continued Asian economic strength.

We know it has been a difficult last few months for small business, and we are pleased to bring you information on a new tool that addresses the psychological wellbeing of small business owners. Finally, we have 6 suggestions for overcoming stress and anxiety.

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14 big tax deductions not to be forgotten this EOFY

It’s been an unusual year for business owners and tax payers, and tax time will be even more critical than before. To maximise your tax return, be sure to consider these key deductions.

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A new world

Jim Callaghan, an under-rated Prime Minister, put it best just before the 1979 General Election. ‘You know there are times, perhaps once every thirty years, when there is a sea-change in politics.

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New tool helps make mental health everyone's business

As rewarding as it can be, running a small business can also cause stress and anxiety. 

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6 Simple Rituals for Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

How often do you feel you are burning your candle at both ends? That no matter how hard you try to destress or what boundaries you set, the to-do list gets longer and you find it harder to catch your breath? 

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